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Panda Technology Group - Computer Consulting Westchester, NY
Panda Technology Group
West Harrison, NY 10604
Phone: (914) 582-0742

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eBay Trading Assistant
Panda Consulting Group is a registered eBay Trading Assistant providing online consignment services for individuals and businesses.

Based in West Harrison, NY, we provide on-site service throughout the metro New York area, but accept consignments from anywhere in the U.S.

Since 2004 we've sold over 3,000 items online on behalf of dozens of clients.
We maintain a customer satisfaction level of over 99.8%.

While we specialize in all electronics, collectibles, stamp and coins, and home & luxury goods, we have experience in many other categories too.

We provide the most convenient and comprehensive method of selling your items online!

There are 4 steps we go through for each and every item we sell:
(1) We research the value of your item using several resources, and utilize a starting bid price based on initial research.

(2) We professionally photograph each item using the newest digital technology and complete additional research as needed.

(3) We custom design and launch the listings, address bidder questions and accept and process customer payment.

(4) We then carefully package, ship and track the item.

Our Mission
Panda Consulting Group's mission is to provide Outstanding Solutions to Businesses and Individuals who want to sell items on eBay. Panda Consulting Group will standout by Providing Expert Services and Consistently Excellent Customer Service, all at a reasonable rate.
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